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Painter_Segments of Circles_July 13, 2010:

Libby's Circle Lesson (Includes a Word document, a PowerPoint document, and a SmartNotebook file):

Rachelle's Congruent Triangle Review (flow proofs)

Laura's Map Scale Lesson (elementary level)



Bethany's Lesson on Formulas (word document and notebook file)

Mandy's Lesson on Angle Types (notebook file contains all files needed for the day's lesson including the guided notes and homework worksheet)

Marti's Lesson Plan

Jocelyn's Lesson Plan

Heather's Project
Lesson Plan:

Student Notes:

Notebook File:

Greg's Lesson Plans

Bryan's Lesson Plan

Nancy's Lesson Plan

Maya's Investigating Y=mx+b Lesson Plan 7.19.10

Alday's Lesson Plan

Chris' Lesson Plan

Paige's Lesson Plan

Alex's Lesson Plan

Lynne's Lesson Plan ~ Pythagorean Theorem ~

Charity's Chapter Review Lesson

Scott's Lesson Plan

Alberto Acosta